Morisetti worked as park of the ECA team on a market and attendance feasibility study for the development of an outdoor ski slope on the roof of Copenhagen’s new Amager Bakke green Incinerator Plant (designed by BIG).  The study included a review of the available markets, an overview of the artificial ski slope sector and regional competition, and research into international benchmarks.  Potential utilisation and visitation levels were projected for the ski slope, the visitor centre and other ancillary components, together with support on planning factors and pricing. 

The CopenHill rooftop ski slope opened in 2019.

“Our long-time partner, Lesley Morisetti, brings considerable experience and depth of understanding of the EMEA leisure markets and attraction industry to the ECA projects that she has worked with us on such as the new Natural History Museum in Copenhagen, a LEGO brand house attraction in Denmark and a proposed major indoor Universal Studios theme park project in Moscow, Russia. Lesley provides high quality research, together with excellent insights and objective analysis, working seamlessly with the ECA team to deliver our clients’ requirements and a pleasure to work with.”

Ray Braun and Christian Aaen, Co-Founders of Entertainment + Culture Advisors (ECA)