About Morisetti

Morisetti Associates was launched in 2010 by Lesley Morisetti to provide economic and development consultancy services for the attractions, leisure and entertainments sectors in Europe.

This followed 27 years’ experience in the industry in senior marketing, operational and development roles with The Tussauds Group (now Merlin Entertainments Group) and as a Director of the consultancy firm, Economic Research Associates (ERA, now AECOM).

All Morisetti projects are led by Lesley Morisetti who will apply her knowledge and experience of the industry and her research and analysis skills and expertise to all aspects of the study.

For further information on Lesley Morisetti please click here: About Lesley Morisetti

Morisetti’s philosophy is to tailor the team to the client’s specific requirements. When required, complimentary services and skills can be added through a network of contacts experienced in master planning, design and operations. As a truly independent consultancy, Morisetti is able to partner with the people most appropriate to the client’s needs and can either lead a multi-disciplinary team for the client or work collaboratively as part of the client’s consultant team.

Client feedback

Morisetti is affiliated with Entertainment + Culture Advisors (ECA), the leading international entertainment economics consulting firm based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Morisetti works on ECA entertainment and cultural development projects in Europe and the Middle East, working with the three co-founders of ECA: Raymond Braun, Christian Aaen and Matthew Earnest. In addition to studies completed under their current companies, the founders of ECA and Lesley Morisetti have many years’ experience of delivering successful projects together from their time as Principals of the consultancy firm Economics Research Associates.