ALVA is a lobbying body representing the UK’s major visitor attractions. Morisetti provides an annual financial benchmarking study for ALVA, which covers over 50 operating performance and financial benchmarks, across up to 80 attractions. The analysis includes sub-samples for museums, heritage attractions, and leisure attractions. Lesley Morisetti has run the survey for over 20 years and presents on the findings each year at the ALVA Benchmarking Conference.
Over the years that she has been running the ALVA Financial Benchmarking Survey, Lesley has been committed to working closely with the ALVA Benchmarking Committee to ensure that the survey best meets our requirements. She is continually looking for ways to improve the survey, making it easier for participants to submit data and improving the analysis and reporting of the findings. Lesley provides further strong support to the Committee through her presentations of highlights of the survey at the VAC conference and her input to the annual ALVA Benchmarking Seminar.”James Bailey, Chair of ALVA Benchmarking Committee and Head Communications, Science Museum Group.