Cork City Council was about to cap a landfill site and wanted to ensure that the capping process left them with the ability to provide a strong leisure facility in the future. Morisetti facilitated a workshop to brainstorm options for development.

The workshop output clarified the Council’s aims and objectives for the site, target audiences and identified possible development options. To help frame the discussion, Morisetti provided examples of international best practice and an overview of leisure development economics and evaluation processes.

“Lesley Morisetti facilitated a workshop for Cork City Council in order to assist Council staff in the development of a concept for an old landfill site which was undergoing a final capping process. Cork City Council’s aim was to use the capped landfill site as an amenity. The Morisetti workshop enabled the Council to agree the target audience, objectives and core and optional elements for the facility. These were then used to develop a brief for the procurement of a master planner for the facility. Lesley Morisetti gave an excellent presentation at the beginning of the workshop on international attractions and the steps involved in the development of an attraction. Subsequent to the workshop, Lesley has continued to be a valuable support to Cork City Council.”

Michael 0’Brian, Senior Engineer, Cork City Council