Morisetti Associates was retained by Tillväxt Motala as part of the ECA team to consider how best to support the development of the planned Lalandia Motala Resort, through the addition of complimentary ancillary development.  The study consisted of two stages. The first defined the requirement and developed preliminary attraction strategy options.  The second stage provided top line business models for the four attraction concepts identified in the first stage as having the greatest potential.

Tillväxt Motala and Lalandia are planning to open the new Lalandia Family Water Park Resort in Motala in 2025.

“I have been given the privilege of working with Lesley Morisetti/Morisetti Associates in several major and pioneering projects. These projects have been based on an overall assessment of the potential in different investment prospects in the tourism- and entertainment industry.

Lesley Morisetti/Morisetti Associates has extensive experience with a top-notch track record. She is always professional, has a great educational ability and delivers insights in absolute world class. I want to give her my warmest recommendations and I really look forward to working with her again.”

Joakim Ljungqvist CEO Place Promotion Sweden AB